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Unleash the potential of innovation with the Mentoring Program

Take part in the #1 mentoring program in Poland and launch your start-up with us

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Innovations Hub Mentoring Program

Gateway to commercialize your idea

The Innovations Hub Mentoring Program is a space for young entrepreneurs and ambitious students to develop ideas in the fields of: MedTech, GreenTech and IT. Engage in our program and open the door to the commercialization of your idea! Create innovations in the fastest-growing industries with us!

Did you know that when you start working, you overcome a barrier that stops over 90% of those who dream of running their own business?

We believe in young people and their innovative ideas, which is why we help them implement these dreams in the market! Our program is an opportunity to develop your ideas for a product, process or service. With our support, you will prepare key investment documents, such as a business plan, teaser or pitch deck, which will help you in further business development and raising capital. For 12 teams with the greatest commercialization potential, we open the door to development under the keen eye of experienced mentors.

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Choose 1 out of 3 paths in which you want to build a global business!

We believe that together with you, we can build a Polish and global start-up ecosystem. When signing up for the program, you can choose one of three paths: InnovateIT, MedBiz Innovations Program or Green Innovations Challenge.


Explore unlimited possibilities in the IT area by designing intelligent systems, cybersecurity products, mobile applications, blockchain technologies, cloud solutions or gamedev products. This is where startups related to artificial intelligence, Big Data, e-commerce tools and MarTech are created.



Create innovations in the areas of: medicine, pharmacy, clinical trials, veterinary medicine, psychology, dentistry, bio 3D printing, biotechnology, nursing, dietetics, physiotherapy and laboratory diagnostics! Transform your passion into the future of health by exploring the latest technological horizons with us!


Green Innovations

Build a startup focused on: Renewable Energy Sources (RES), water economy and technologies, recycling and waste management, batteries and energy storage, ecology, electromobility, environmental protection and sustainable development! Join us and together we will create the future of sustainable development using the power of technology and innovation!

Our Mentoring Program: Success in 9 Steps

MedBiz Innovations Program step 1

Registration and screening of candidates

Register for any mentoring program track individually or in a group of 2-5 people. In the case of individual or two-person applications, we help create new teams.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 2

Admission to the I stage and matchmaking

Based on application forms and candidate screening, we select the best teams and talented young innovators for the first stage of the program! Then we move on to matchmaking, creating interdisciplinary teams.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 3

Preparation of an investment teaser

As part of the first task within the formed teams, you will work on creating the concept for your innovative project. You will have the opportunity to participate in practice sessions and receive educational materials. Subsequently, you will describe your idea in an investment teaser, which will be subjected to evaluation.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 4

Evaluation of teasers, selection of mentors and admission to the second stage

Based on the teasers, mentors will select the teams they want to cooperate with. The teams involved in the second stage of the program will be assigned two mentors - one from the investment world, the other from the startup world!

MedBiz Innovations Program step 5

Work on a business plan, pitch deck and infographics

In the next stage, teams start working on a business plan, pitch deck and infographic. In the meantime, online tutorials are being organized to provide the knowledge needed to complete the II stage tasks.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 6


All participants qualified for the second stage have the opportunity to participate in the Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is an on-site event in Warsaw, providing extensive networking, valuable tutorials, and other attractions.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 7

Preparation and presentation of a pitch

During the II stage, still with the help of mentors, you will work on a short investor presentation (so-called pitch). All this to present the fruit of your labour to the committee concisely. The committee will evaluate it and provide you with valuable tips before the final gala.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 8

Admission to the Final and Final Gala

Based on the investment documents and pitch, the committee will select the best teams that will qualify for the final and will have the opportunity to present their projects during the final gala in front of VC funds and potential investors. In addition, the jury will select the winning team and program winners.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 9

This is just the beginning of your startup adventure!

If you manage to complete the program, we have great news for you! Teams with the most promising ideas that have a real chance of being implemented on the market will have the opportunity to join our incubation program and, in cooperation with the Foundation, achieve further milestones on the start-up market.

Our mentoring programs:


combine representatives of various fields, i.e. are created by interdisciplinary teams


are open to leading advisors and mentors from the industry, in exchange for shares (up to ~1%)


are focused on quick market verification and an iterative approach to activities


aim globally, not just limited to the Polish local market

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There are many reasons to take part!

Why is it worth applying to our mentoring program?

You will develop and verify your own project

Under the supervision of experts you will develop your project and verify your business idea without financial risk. This is invaluable support for your venture.

You will gain promotion in the country and abroad

Get promotion at home country and abroad! Get your startup a chance for international recognition and get the support necessary to achieve success on the market.

You will build a network of business contacts

Networking not only among ambitious young people from all over Poland, but also among entrepreneurs, investors and investment funds.

You will gain practical knowledge

Access to a knowledge base and tutorials in the field of, among others, creating innovations, running a start-up or obtaining financing.

You will receive a certificate

The opportunity to obtain the Innovations Hub Mentoring Program certificate, attesting to skills in innovation creation for participants in the II stage and finalists.

If you win, you will get PLN 6,000

The best team will receive a prize of PLN 6,000 to start the company!

Who is the mentoring program targeted at?

Young individuals below the age of 30, especially:

  • individuals or teams without any ideas yet but eager to change tha;
  • individuals or teams without a business idea but possessing expertise and specialized skills;
  • individuals or teams with ideas in the conceptual or implementation phase or running startups;
  • representatives from academic environments: technological, business, marketing, legal, and related fields;
  • those interested in the startup market or wanting to explore if they fit into it.

Apply for the program today - we are looking for both individuals and teams - your energy and willingness to create something unique are what matters!

Register here!
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Meet our mentors

People are at the heart of the startup environment and in the Mentoring Programs, you will have the opportunity to work with the best. Get to know this year's mentors - they will be the ones assisting young individuals in developing their ideas and taking their first steps in the world of startups.

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We protect your ideas!

We place great importance on protecting the ideas and inventions of our participants, which is why we collaborate with the Polish Patent Office.

Additionally, the entire team of the Innovations Hub Foundation, including mentors and jurors who have access to participants' projects, is committed to maintaining confidentiality of the information according to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) for a period of at least 3 years. Furthermore, no information is disclosed without the participants' consent - we recognize how crucial it is to protect ideas.

During the program, we also educate on effective ways to safeguard projects, teaching participants how to discuss their inventions to attract potential partners, and investors, without simultaneously losing the rights to the created innovations.

We are protecting your ideas

2024 schedule

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We are protecting your ideas

The largest event in Poland dedicated to startups created by the youth!

The Grand Finale of the Mentoring Programs by the Innovations Hub is an event that brings together investors, business angels, funds, corporations, companies, as well as universities, technological transfers, institutes, and public institutions. It is the largest pre-seed event in Poland dedicated to innovation, startups, and the youth! Join us on June 3, 2024, in Warsaw!

Get your admission ticket
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Meet our jury

They will be evaluating your ideas and projects. What will they focus on? Primarily on commitment, creativity, and thinking outside the box!

Explore the winning projects of previous editions


Paweł Turowski, Karol Gałan, Adrianna Pielech, Kamil Kozłowski



Marcin Cackowski, Piotr Strus, Natalia Szczucka, Łukasz Zaręba


Magdalena Bańkosz, Katarzyna Sala, Klaudyna Grzela, Dominika Wanat

Quiet Dynamics

Michał Cichowicz, Piotr Strobejko, Jan Wyrwicz
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