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We are transforming the Polish and European incubation system

We bring together young people from various fields to help them create and commercialize the most innovative business ideas.

We are supported by the largest institutions and the best universities

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Get to know our initiatives

MedBiz initiative 1
MedBiz initiative 2
MedBiz initiative 3
MedBiz initiative 4
MedBiz initiative 5
MedBiz initiative 6

Mentoring program that helps you start a startup

Take part in the mentoring program and develop your ideas alongside the best specialists in the MedTech, GreenTech and IT sector.

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Incubator initiative 1
Incubator initiative 2

Incubator of students' ideas

Do you have an idea that could revolutionize the market, but you don't know how to start transforming your dreams into real business? We will help you!

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Academy initiative

Innovations Academy, your best source of information

Interviews with market representatives, articles, videos on technology transfer or building a company, as well as workshops developing skills and competences in running a startup - in one sentence, get to know Innovations Academy!

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Platform initiative desktops

A platform connecting people with ideas with the contractors

Create an account, discover or create projects, meet new people and create solutions that will change the innovation market!

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Akademia Młodego Innowatora zdjęcie z gali
Akademia Młodego Innowatora zdjęcie z gali

Unique workshop series on creating start-ups

Through the Academy, you will gain knowledge in the areas of creating innovation, setting up and running a business, protecting intellectual property, the art of negotiation, taxation, the stock market and the web 3.0 revolution.

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We help to develop projects looking at them from three perspectives

Tech science perspective

Science and technology

Even the best idea will not be realized if ... it does not work!

Tech science perspective


A good business plan or business strategy can save an average project

Tech science perspective


Adequate protection of know-how can be the engine of future success.

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Our mission

“We want to connect students from various fields so that they can think out-of-box and more critically. So that the usual patterns are broken and brand new ideas come“

Kacper Raciborski President

Jakub Borowy Vice President

Nina Badura Co-founder

Kacper Raciborski - InHub official photo
Kuba Borowy - InHub official photo
Nina Badura - InHub official photo

Innovations Hub Foundation is essentially amazing people!

Interdisciplinary teams mean greater creativity and a chance to look at a given issue from different perspectives. Innovations Hub is created by people from all walks of life, and that is what makes us unique!

Our services

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IT services

Creating web and mobile applications from designing UX and UI mockups to coding.

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Graphics and film services

Creation of marketing graphics and promotional films.

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Marketing services

We will take care of the entire marketing process, from creating a strategy to running social media.

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Creating investment teasers, business plans and pitchdecks as well as writing grant applications.

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Project mining

Organization of hackathons and company competitions

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Scouting teams and recruiting employees. We will also take care of subcontracting.

See what others write about us!

O sukcesie play.air

“Thanks to a fantastic mentor, numerous consultations and materials provided by the Foundation, we are already in talks with investors after just 3 months. Without the Foundation we would still only be dreaming of being a startup.”

~ Piotr Strus, CEO & Co-founder of play.air, winner of MedBiz 2022

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