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Unleash the potential of innovation with Green Innovations Challenge

Take part in the fastest growing mentorship programme in Poland and create your GreenTech start-up with us

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What is the Green Innovations Challenge?

Green Innovations Challenge is a mentorship programme creating a space for young entrepreneurs and ambitious students in the green innovation sector. Create innovations in the fields of: Renewable Energy Sources (RES), ecology, electromobility, environmental protection or sustainable development!

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Because ecology and business have never been so close

We believe that together with you we can develop the Polish and global GreenTech market. During the programme, we put participants into teams whose task is to come up with and develop an innovative idea for a product, process or service that is a combination of green technology and business. As part of the challenge, participants prepare basic investment documents such as a business plan, teaser or pitch deck. 12 teams with the highest commercialisation potential will develop under the guidance of experienced representatives from the green innovation sector.

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Our six steps to success

MedBiz Innovations Program step 1

Teaming up participants and screening

Single participants or ready-made teams register for the programme - each team consists of 3-5 members with complementary skills.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 2


Before getting started, participants have the opportunity to attend online workshops with representatives of the world of science, business and specialists of the GreenTech industry.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 3

Investment teaser

The first challenge for the teams is to come up with a concept for an innovative solution and describe it in a short teaser.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 4


The best teams that have qualified for the next stage, have the opportunity to participate in networking sessions and panels led by industry specialists.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 5

Mentoring - business plan and pitch deck

With the help of the mentors participants develop business plans, investor presentations and an implementation strategy for their solutions.

MedBiz Innovations Program step 6

Final Gala and investor presentations

The best teams will have the opportunity to present their projects in front of VC funds and potential investors, gaining the chance to bring their idea into the market.

This may be just the beginning of your startup adventure!

If you manage to complete the program, we have great news for you! Teams with the most promising ideas that have a real chance of being launched to the market will have the opportunity to join our incubation programme and, in cooperation with the Foundation, achieve further milestones on your start-up journey.


Total increase in global emissions since 1990, according to UN experts

7 mln

Annual number of deaths worldwide caused by air pollution

95.5 mld €

EU funds for innovation development until 2027


Estimated average annual growth of the global green technology and sustainable development market in 2022-2030

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Why is it worth applying for the Green Innovations Challenge?

You will develop your own project

The opportunity for personal growth and developing a commercialisation strategy for your innovative project under the guidance of leading GreenTech experts in Poland

You will verify your idea

The opportunity to verify your business idea - without taking any financial risk! Prepare your product for market entry under the guidance of experienced specialists

You will meet people as ambitious as you

Networking not only among ambitious students from all over Poland, but also among entrepreneurs, investors and investment funds

You will gain practical knowledge

Access to a knowledge and workshops on topics such as creating innovation, running a startup or raising finance.

You will receive a certificate

The opportunity to receive a Green Innovations Challenge certificate, certifying innovation creation skills for participants of the second stage and finalists.

You will win PLN 5 000

And finally - a cash prize of PLN 5 000 💰

The earth has looked after us for so long, it's high time to return the favour

Your #Green innovation is a step towards a better future

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Who is the programme for?

Young entrepreneurs and students of business, technology, ecology, law and other majors - in a word, anyone who wants to create innovations! First of all, the Green Innovations Challenge is for:

    people who don't have any ideas yet, but want to change that;
    people who have ideas in the conceptual or implementation phase;
    representatives of the scientific community: technological, business, legal and related environments;
    those who are interested in the start-up market or wanting to see if they can find their way in it.

Apply for the program today - we are looking for both individuals and teams - it is your energy and desire to create something special that counts!

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Meet our mentors

The heart of the startup community is people, and at the Green Innovations Challenge you will have the opportunity to work with the best of the best. Meet this year's Green Innovations Challenge 2023 mentors - they are the ones who will help young people develop their ideas and take their first steps in the GreenTech industry.

Read more!

Łukasz Dziekoński

Łukasz Dziekoński

CEO and the Managing Partner at Montis Capital Group

Read more!

Olga Czerwińska

Olga Czerwińska

Vice President, Sygnis Ltd.

Read more!

Agnieszka Musiał

Agnieszka Musiał

Managing Director, Basck EU.

Read more!

Ireneusz Martyniuk

Ireneusz Martyniuk

Investment Director, Invento Capital

We protect your ideas

We are really committed to protecting the ideas and inventions of our participants. All Green Innovations Challenge team members who have access to participants' projects, as well as mentors and judges, are obliged to keep the information they learn confidential due to the NDA agreements for 3 years minimum. Furthermore, no information is made public without the consent of the participants - we recognise the importance of protecting an idea. During the programme, we also educate participants on how to effectively protect their projects. We teach participants how to talk about their inventions in such a way as to attract partners and investors without losing the rights to the innovations created.

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Schedule 2023

January 25th - February 26th

Registration for individual participants and ready-made teams, initial screening

Applications for the Programme are being accepted from 25 January. Enrolment will take a full month, but don't wait until the last minute! You can apply as a team, but we also accept individual applications, in which case we will take care of setting up your team. We will conduct an initial screening which will select the best young people and teams for the first stage of the competition.

February 27th

The official start of the Green Innovations Challenge

Once your teams have been formed and qualified for the first stage, we will assign you a buddy who will guide you through all organisational matters and provide you with a specially prepared knowledge base.

February 27th - March 5th

Workshops for Stage I participants

Before starting work, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops with representatives from the world of science, business and practitioners in the green technology industry . Speakers will share their knowledge and experience with you.

February 27th - March 19th

Teaser work

During the first stage of the programme, you will create a concept for an innovative solution on the green innovation market. You will present the results of your work in the form of an investment teaser – one-page concise document that gives a high-level overview of your idea.

March 27th

Announcement of Stage I results

Your teasers will be evaluated. The teams with the most promising solutions will be assigned a mentor – an expert from the GreenTech world. He or she will consult your ideas and suggest a further development path.

March 27th - May 14th

Work on your business plan and pitch deck

During the second stage of Green, you will prepare a plan to bring your idea to life. With the knowledge from the workshops - under the guidance of a mentor - you will prepare a business plan, pitch deck and promotional infographic.

April 1st

Closed workshops for participants of the second stage - BOOTCAMP

During the second stage of the programme you will be invited to Warsaw for a day of inspiring trainings, networking and fun. We will discuss the topics of attracting investors, financial analysis and much more. It will be a great opportunity to get to know each other, exchange ideas and experiences!

June 1st

Announcement of Stage II results

Based on the developed business plans, infographics and mentor feedback, we will select the best teams to be named Green Innovations Challenge finalists!

June 13th

Final Gala and Programme Results

It's time to show what you've learned! Together with your team, you will conduct an investor presentation straight out of Dragon's Den. Try to convince the investors to give you the most points. The team that best pitch their project will be declared the winner and receive a cash prize.

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Meet our jury

They will be the ones evaluating your ideas and projects. What do they look out for? Above all, commitment, creativity and thinking outside the box.


Arvin Khanchandani

Arvin Khanchandani

Head of Climate Tech Investments at Warsaw Equity Group


Jakub Buzalski

Jakub Buzalski

Investment Analyst at Montis Capital


Iwo Rybacki

Iwo Rybacki

Director of the investment committee in the Assay Group


Marcin Grudniewski

Marcin Grudniewski

Board Member at Electrum Nofar Energy


Piotr Boulangé

Piotr Boulangé

Startup Mentor at Accelpoint


Piotr Gębala

Piotr Gębala

CEO of GPW Ventures ASI S.A.


Kacper Raciborski

Kacper Raciborski

CEO of Innovations Hub Foundation


Jerzy Kalinowski

Jerzy Kalinowski

Business angel

Explore the winning projects of previous editions



Dominik Trzmielewski Mieszko Świerczyński

Łukasz Kobos Katarzyna Dudek


Olga Czerwińska Sygnis SA





Danuta Krasowska Eliza Sepczuk

Alan Abramek Ewelina Orzełowska



Anna Stefania Grzebita

Natalia Karolina Felsztyńska



Kamila Kotnis Paulina Krajewska

Magdalena Kaleta Joanna Waśko

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