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Meet Innovations Hub

a foundation that drives innovation and dreams for youth

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Why over 80% of startups are not being created or fail?

Unfortunately, young people who wish to enter the world of business often struggle to establish a company. According to a study conducted by the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship Development (PARP) (Startups in Poland, 2019), the typical Polish start-uper is over 30 years old, and only 8% of start-up founders in Poland are from the 18-24 age group. To make matters worse, nearly 80% of the start-ups created fail within the first two years of their operation!

Together ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results

More than 60% of startups' problems are rooted in an ill-matched team! It is the lack of knowledge or skills about running a business that is the biggest obstacle on the way to creating and maintaining one's own business. PARP research shows that as many as 46% of Poles choose not to start a business because of fear of failure. What's more, according to statistics, the lack of adequate training and capital hinders the successful development of startups - key to the economy and science. These are important factors holding back young people from embodying many forward-looking ideas. All this shows how necessary it is to help young entrepreneurs - the future of the economy - and create projects implemented by the Foundation.

Lack of self-confidence


Lack of business management skills


Lack of capital


Lack of industry knowledge and expertise


Lack of business idea


We believe in young people!

At the Innovations Hub Foundation, we focus on the young. We believe that it is their minds that are full of extraordinary, often groundbreaking, ideas. What's more, it's young people who overwhelmingly declare that they can take risks and devote themselves to startup activity - taking a step that older people don't choose to take. We believe that by bringing together the best young innovators into interdisciplinary teams, providing them with experienced experts or mentors, as well as support from VC funds, we are able to effectively change the startup market in Poland and support their ideas in commercialization.

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How do we do it?

We are currently implementing 6 projects

Each of them has its own goals, but together they form a coherent whole.

Logo MedBiz Innovations Program

MedBiz Innovations Program

spurs entrepreneurial students into action

Get to know the program better
Logo Innovations Incubator

Innovations Incubator

helps them accelerate their business, taking care of its development during the incubation and pre-incubation process

Grow your business
Logo Innovations Platform

Innovations Platform

the bridge between the business and scientific communities - the place where a concept becomes a product.

Start networking
Logo Innovations Academy

Innovations Academy

cares about providing quality knowledge and educational materials in an accessible format

Gain new skills
Logo Akademi Młodego Innowatora

Young Innovator Academy

targeted workshops that allow you to enter the business world

Participate in workshops
Logo Green Innovations Challenge

Green Innovations Challenge

stimulates entrepreneurial students in the areas of ecology, RES, sustainability and electromobility

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Foundation Goals

Various projects, same targets


Technology Transfer and Incubation

We support innovative ideas that have a chance of development and commercialization.


Building a bridge between science, industry and business

We initiate programs that help implementing scientific projects into the economic sphere.


Support and education of the young

We support young people in entering the job market through education and supporting the development of their unique ideas.


Promotion of scientific solutions

Through cooperation with the media we publicize the successes of polish innovators.


Organization of economic events

We engage in numerous events related to new technologies.

There is strength in diversity! We drive innovations

With great pleasure, we present the first report summarizing two years (2021-2023) of activities of the Innovations Hub Foundation. Our initiatives align with the EU's policy of fostering innovation and with selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Effectively, we are transforming European incubation, strengthening the startup sector of the region, and gradually establishing Poland's position on the international stage as a hub for new technologies.

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There is strength in diversity!

Innovations Hub is made by people

We are a team of students from universities and colleges from all over Poland. Among us are programmers, engineers, economists, medics, graphic designers or business strategists. We believe that our methodology of operation is a guarantee of success, so we have built an interdisciplinary team complementing each other with competencies.

Meet our team

Awards, nominations, recognition

Symbol 2023

nomination in the category Symbol of Modern Education

Symbol 2023

nomination in the category Symbol of Science and Business Synergy

Business Champion 2022

nomination for a significant contribution to the economic development of Poland

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If our values are close to you and you would like to support InHub's activities, you can also do so as an individual. We warmly invite you to donate to the Foundation's statutory activities.

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