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Explore Startup Hub in Europe - Poland

Looking for a good investment? Or maybe seeking new technologies and innovative solutions?

We connect Poland and the Middle East because together we can achieve more

At the heart of our initiative lies a meticulously curated brochure showcasing 20 dynamic Polish startups, all birthed from the minds of young innovators. The brochure doesn't just introduce you to their groundbreaking products - it also provides insights into their technological readiness, industry sectors, notable achievements, and their specific needs. From medtech to greentech, deeptech, fintech, edtech, martech, spacetech, and many more, these startups represent the diverse and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of Poland.

Why is it worth investing in Polish startups?

Stable growth

Poland has experienced unparalleled growth over the past 30 years, boasting the highest OECD growth rate between 1990 and 2019. We stand as the 6th largest economy in Europe. It's noteworthy to mention that even in the face of challenges like the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, Poland's GDP surged by 5.1% last year! Clearly, Poland presents a compelling opportunity for investors.

Attractive for investors

In 2021, Poland ranked third globally in foreign direct investment with 30 projects worth $1.2 billion. By 2023, Intel invested $4.6 billion, highlighting Poland's reputation for top IT specialists. According to fDi Markets, Poland is a top location for foreign investors, surpassing even the UK with its 30 investments valued at $541 million.

Amazing technical and scientific staff

Polish professionals, especially in STEM fields, are globally recognized for their skills. Poland is a world leader in terms of STEM graduates, especially among women. The nation stands out for its welcoming attitude and emphasis on diverse teams. It's a world leader in machine learning, data science, and quantum information theory.

Over 5,000 companies Find a technology or investment for yourself!

Poland is a burgeoning epicenter of innovation in Europe, home to over 5,000 start-ups some of which, like Booksy and DocPlanner have gained global acclaim. Beyond these, a plethora of B2B start-ups are revolutionizing industries, with sectors like AI and business analytics leading the charge. In 2022, Polish B2B start-ups attracted an impressive $400 million in funding. As we dive into this presentation, witness the unmatched potential of Poland's start-up ecosystem.

Together at Expand North Star and GITEX Global

The world’s biggest startup and investor connector event is expanding further in 2023. Returning for its 8th edition, Expand North Star features even more startups, inspiring talks, mentorship clinics, pitch competitions, investors, VCs and more. Expand North Star co-locates with industry defining events Fintech Surge, Future Blockchain summit & Marketing Mania, while being inspired by the World's largest and best rated tech event, GITEX Global. This is the flagship platform for startups to shine as well as grow through interactive Q&As, mentorship, product showcase, meetings, pitch competitions and conference sessions.

Use our code COM251490 and get a 25% discount on your pass!

Discover unique startups created by young people!

At InHub, we are committed to connecting the Polish startup ecosystem, positioning ourselves as the primary gateway into the startup funnel. Dive in and explore the future of innovation with us!

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Read the brochure!

Ready to uncover the secrets of Polish startup success? Grab our brochure for insights and inspiration you won't want to miss

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Public task: Participation of Innovations Hub representatives in Expand North Star 2023
Funding amount: 10 000 PLN
Total value of public task: 10 000 PLN
Task description: Participation of Innovations Hub representatives in Expand North Star 2023. Preparing an informational brochure about the Polish startup ecosystem and its promotion.

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